High quality translation solutions

High quality translation solutions

We provide for the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large enterprises with a competitive professional translation project. Also, we can handle up to four hundred kinds of languages, across the various professional fields, improve the process of translation, using human-computer translation, from the translation, draft, review, and editing, until the typesetting printing, which is a one-stop language translation services.

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Translation quality and efficiency

Pinchieh translation agency has translators across all time zones, no matter how many words you need.We use scientific identification methods to analyze translation errors in translation quality and computer-assisted translation to improve the efficiency, thus achieving the uniqueness and quality of proper nouns in translation projects.

Competitive price

Our senior translators have rich experience in translation and logistics administrators have fast and agile typing and typesetting skills. We offer a customized price per word, so that you can drive your business at the most competitive price in the new market and help reduce your costs as much as possible.

Complete translation languages

Pinchieh translation agency provide as many as four hundred different languages, include the commonly used language translation: English translation, Japanese translation, Korean translation, French translation, German translation and Spanish translation, Vietnamese translation, Thai translation, Indonesian translation, Czech translation, Arabic translation, Portuguese translation, Italian translation, and Russian language translation, etc.

Quick instant response

Pinchieh translation agency provides real-time online services close to 16/24 hours. You can contact us via Live Chat at any time, or via LINE at any time and anywhere. You can also contact us through +886 920 760 016.

Can't find the service you want?

No matter what language or type of documents you are providing, or if you need the assistance of on-site staff, Pinchieh will help you solve your language problems and help you get the assistance you need in time. Pinchieh translation services can be divided into three categories: multi-language translation services, notarized translation, and transcription. Translation services also include translation and notarization translation, paper translation, contract translation, website translation, subtitle translation, translation of other documents, and interpretation services.

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