Notarized translation

[Notarized Translation/Agency- Pinchieh Translation Service Company]

Pinchieh Translation Service Company has registered to the government authority, providing translation form/to multi-language and notarization agency service.

We accept personal, company’s request in translation of any documents and/or certifications. We offer you a reasonable prizing and all-in-one services preventing you from spending time queueing in courts, ministry of foreign affairs, diplomatic missions.

The purpose of notarization

Verification of truthfulness of documents and correctness of translated copy by public-powered authorities.

What to prepare for notarization

Original document(s), relevant persons’ passports or other certificates with both Chinese and English name such as residence permit or Application Form for Adoption of Chinese Name.

Service Regions

Our service region covers Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taizhong, Chiayi, Tainan, and all over Taiwan. We can send delivery person to your home to collect your items.

Notarizing Processing Period

Approximately 2 work days (excluding delivery time) for normal priority level cases.

Processing period can be less than 1 work day for ultra urgent priority level cases. Whether we can accept ultra urgent priority level cases or not are subject to the situation on that day. We can return your documents in the afternoon as long as you have all required documents ready and submitted to us in the same day morning.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Processing Period

3 work days for normal priority. 1 – 2 work days for urgent priority

Embassy/Diplomatic Mission’s Processing Period

Since each diplomatic mission has different processing period, we recommend you confirm with us first.

Available Language

English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Portuguese, Czech language, Arabian, Italian. Please contact us for other languages not listed.

Why commission us to manage notarization affairs?

  1. Notary authority requires translators to sign in person and to bear the responsibility of correctness of translated copy.
  2. Translation by translation service company as third party are highly reliable and are attached with proof of translation as well as translators signature, and therefore problems caused by translating on your own is be avoidable.
  3. All-in-one service including translation, certification and notarization saves you time. You can have the notarized documents nicely done in short time without rushing from place to place.


Type of Documents for Notarization

Household registration transcripts, personal identifications, marriage certifications, divorce agreements, verdict, single status certificate, birth and death certificate, any types of license, contract, passport, visas, school offer, certificate of degree, medical certificate, diploma, report card, withholding voucher, tax payment certificate, land ownership certificate, medical examination form, register of shareholder, profit and loss statement


For national documents: Household registration transcript issued by household registrar office and police clearance issued by police department do not need verification. For other documents such as working certificate, report card and diploma, etc., a signed consent of verification is required in order for notaries to verify.

International documents have to be verified by local Taiwan embassies before sending to notary. If not, the documents will be sent to the said location for verification.

Documents from mainland China have to be notarized in mainland China and then sent to Straits Exchange Foundation for verification.

For other specific situations, we will contact notaries for costumers to confirm notarization process.

p.s. If you have any question about verification and notarization, please feel free to contact us at +886 2 5599-6103.