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At Pinchieh, translation is about developing a relationship with your global clients. That is why our translation services focus on building tailored language services. Our goal is to process your content with the right professionals so that you can connect with your clients perfectly.

Pinchieh Translation offers professional translation services in fields of law, business, medicine, technology, biology chemistry, etc. We also provide multi-language translation service for any country’s clients.

Our translation services:

English / Chinese Translation of Notary Documents

We take quests of authentication of translated documents and commissions of notary. We offer you reasonable prices and leave you out of bother queuing at the Court, Bureau of Consular Affairs, Embassies, etc. We offer a continuous line service of translation and notarization of all kinds of document, such as household registration transcript, national identification card, marriage certificate, divorce agreement, written judgement, single affidavit, birth certificate, death certificate, all kinds of licenses, contract, passport, visa, matric, diploma, profit and loss statement…etc.

English / Chinese Translation of academic papers

We offer translation of academic papers, periodicals and papers abstracts. According to the ambit of the paper, we select the most suitable experienced translator to do the job. Moreover, we offer services of proofread, compile and copyedit in English by bilingual translators. The contained fields are: education, technology, medicine, commerce, computer, chemical engineering, physics, electronic engineering, architecture, biochemistry, information, mechanical engineering, construction, law, international business, business administration, environmental protection…etc.

English / Chinese Translation of legal contracts

         There are specific terms and phrases in legal documents. The translated expressions would not be influence if the translator is not professional in that specific field. Thus, it is important to find yourself a reliable translation service company, because the legal documents are significant to the clients’ rights. Legal documents contain all kinds of contracts or covenants such as contracts of real estate dealing, import and export, authorization, loans, private and confidential clause, certificate of appointment, letter of intent, share purchasing, general release, articles of association, rules of procedure of the board of shareholders, minutes of board meeting, legislations, government documents, court advice notes, lawyer’s letters, written judgements…etcetera.

English / Chinese Translation of business letters

         While cooperating with transnational enterprises or foreign companies, we have to utilize different languages to communicate in letter depending on their regions. We also offer services of translating documents issued by government agencies. Alike the legal documents, the business ones have their specific terms and usages as well. By noticing these to avoid being questioned while using of your documents, the translator shows his/her professional ability.

English / Chinese Translation correlated to medicine

          Complied with the medical system in Taiwan has to bring in external medical knowledge, medicine is a supremely professional subject no matter it is about medical domain, hospital administration, medicine related knowledge, medical equipment, drug information, clinical test, medical periodical, information of health education and health care policies, if not majoring in nursing or having the medical background, it is difficult to make a start. Pinchieh Medical Translation collaborates human resource from Graduate Institute of Translation and School of Medicine of Fu Jen Catholic University, we provide professional medical translation for our customers.

English / Chinese Translation of electronic technique

           You can say that electronic technique is an indispensable part of modern technology development. Its documental information of correlation techniques and equipment is often needed to be translated into multiple languages, yet its specialty and uniqueness somehow limit the quantity of appropriate translators. It is our minimum requirement to assign this kind of work to translators with correlated professionality. You don’t have to worry about huge quality gap on the document translations.

English / Chinese Translation for websites

Pinchieh Translation Service Company offers multilingual translations for websites and web pages. We assist companies, judicial persons and government institutions to build and translate their websites. The service target includes hotels, commercial companies and international business expanding enterprises.

English / Chinese Translation of bio technology

          Or maybe you need translators who are familiar with biotechnology to offer you service. The particularity of this field limits available options and appears the significance of the accuracy of translation. Nowadays, we live in the era of information, international academic exchange has been possible unlike the past. The needed translation of knowledge exchange is what we can offer for you.

English / Chinese Translation of ISO quality management

          Strict and precise quality management shows the superiority and competitiveness of the product and the company. Surely that the accuracy must remain through the translation, and it is not something easy, especially the paper nouns and specific phrases of quality management that appear in the documents, which should be noticed while translating.

English / Chinese Translation of massive games

          We assign gaming professional translators to do the job in this field and bring you the touchiest gaming experience. Game translation is not only lingual translate but pays attention to players’ idiom and gives them fun and the best gaming experience. Our translators are gamers as well and surely, they are able to bring you the feeling you want to bring for the players with fidelity.

Features of our English / Chinese Translation service:

  • Faithful to the word, the meaning and the expression
  • Well-experienced English translators in professional fields
  • Importance-attaching to the need of customers
  • A English / Chinese Translation service company with strict quality control
  • Offering you translation with the quality that suit your needs
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Confidentiality Policy
Pinchieh Translation Group (hereinafter referred to as "the translation agency"), in order to provide more complete, diverse and convenient translation services, in addition to the relevant staff, the translation agency will do the strictest protection for any information and content you provide. It is strictly stipulated that the colleagues of the translation agency shall not provide or leak any entrusted information to unrelated third parties without authorization, and regularly destroy the closed client documents. A confidentiality agreement in Chinese or English can be signed separately with us.